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The sweeping curves of the titanium dual-tube frame are the perfect fusion of striking design and driven performance. Lighter, more efficient, and more elegant than any chair anywhere. As our flagship rigid chair, the TR is simply the best of the best.


Powerful Features:

  • Rigid - Rigid frame chairs are the lightest and highest performing chairs because they are constructed from the fewest possible components and have the fewest moving parts.

  • Ease of Transport & Energy Saving - Imagine no wasted energy with a swept-in dual-tube frame and fewer strokes throughout the day. Then introduce your imagination to the superior rigidity and optimal energy transfer of the swept-in dual-tube frame of the TR. Want more? Then add ease of transport to rival that of any mono-tube frame.

  • Titanium - Titanium provides a smoother ride, won’t break, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on Earth. That is why TiLite builds our highest performing wheelchairs from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium. If you want strength, durability, and a smooth roll, you want a titanium ride.

  • Swept-In Dual-Tube Frame - Dual-tube geometry adds rigidity to the chair, transferring more of you push stroke to the wheel.

More energy into the wheel, means less push strokes throughout the day.

Curved under lower tube creates a stylistic look and more clearance for car transfers.

Starting at $3,125 – contact us to review the order form for best fit.

TiLite TR

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