"I recently got a Stricker hybrid clip-on handcycle. It’s fantastic! Nothing has to stay on your everyday wheelchair, and the power boost helps up the hills. Today Ross and I crushed a 35 mile ride in Montana (the first half with a strong head wind). I’ve realized over the years that I’m a pleasure rider, and don’t need a 7’ racing handcycle to go out for fun rides. This is way easier to transport, and no transfer needed. Strava tells me that this is the longest ride I’ve recorded, so I guess the fun bike is still great for logging miles."


- Julie

"Thank you John for helping me set up the right bike to use for myself. If you are a quad and need to get set up for a hand cycle look John up! "


- Kyle

"This is the first time Trey and I have been able to take a stroll on the beach together since his injury thanks to and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be back to one of our favorite activities."


- Cameron

“I have been in a wheelchair for 14 years, I grew up racing motocross, skateboarding and riding BMX, and after my injury the loss of those activities left a huge hole in my life. I have tried wheelchair rugby, racing wheelchairs and traditional handcycles and nothing allowed me the freedom to independently experience the same feelings my old sports did.

Enter the Stricker.

I have spent a lot of money on various pieces of adaptive equipment that have failed to live up to the hype, but the Stricker is the best piece of adaptive equipment I have ever purchased post injury. It allows me the ability to get out and put in miles and challenge myself all on my own. Without hand function I can control every aspect of the bike, from putting it on, to shifting, to taking it off, it is the perfect set up for a quad, I wish every quad had one!

John was super easy to work with and made every step of the way super easy!”

- John

"Yes it's only 3/4's of a mile. Yes it took me almost two hours. But after almost a year hiatus due to major surgery I'll take it. These moments, these miles are well worth the pain and struggle.

Thank you to John and Annalisa Squires, for helping get back in the saddle once more."

 - Cyndi

“The Freedom Trax was a total beast on the beach today!!


- Martha

"This is a long overdue post, but I wanted to thank John and Annalisa from Rolling in Paradise for their help and guidance in purchasing my Stricker Lipo Smart Tetra handcycle. This handcycle attaches to my wheelchair and provides power assist so that I can push on the bike path at my comfort level. From the beginning John said as a quad/tetra that this is the one piece of adaptive equipment that I need to have and he was right! This past year was crazy and challenging, but I’m back out at the beach riding and loving every minute of it. If you are looking to purchase a handcycle and/or adaptive equipment please check out Rolling in Paradise."


- Mark (Abilitease)

"Hi my name is Toby, a C5-complete quad with 100% loss of tri-ceps function and hand grip. I am from Hong Kong and has been using Stricker for almost 2 months.


Before choosing Stricker, I have spent a month to search around different hand-bike manufacturers over the world to look for a hybrid hand-bike which fits my physical condition and limitations. After learning that Stricker Lipo Smart Tetra is designed particularly for those with weak upper limbs function, I made up my mind to own my Stricker bike. Afterwards, I contacted John for more information and a quote. He was always keen to answer the questions. 


Through the social media, I realized that John has been using the same hand-bike for a long time, thus it just gave me more confidence that I would have made a right choice.


This hand-bike is easy to control for those with limited hand function though I still suggest using Quadgrip for more effective use of force with your shoulder muscles and bi-ceps. Also this bike is equipped with a drive-off-help button, which I think the most helpful function for me. Now, apart from SCUBA diving, it becomes my favorite sport that allows me to do it in all seasons. 


I would recommend Stricker to you if you are quadriplegic or paraplegic and need the hand-bike.


Many thanks to John for his advice. I strongly suggest you contacting him directly if you need more information about how to choose a bike that fits you most."


- Toby

"Where to begin? I’ve made 3 life changing purchases working directly with John. He helped me work through payments from non-profits to get my “toys” for no personal cost. My first purchase was a Stricker model Lipo Smart Model. An attachable arm bike with a built in power assist motor. Finally, a good cardio workout as a quad!

After getting used to the arm bike, I decided to go all in for an all motor, electric model bike. It works as an attachable power assist and turns my wheelchair into a buggy. It saves my shoulders and gets me around safely. I got to the quad model Stricker Lipo Lomo.

John also helped me through a purchase of a Smart Drive MX2. An attachable third wheel that pushes my chair with the help of a smart watch. I am very happy for John and his wife on their new journey. They are going to kill it!"


- Josh Keller

“I was living and working out of an RV for a couple of years and first contacted John about an attachable handcycle because I needed something with a small footprint.  John worked with me on purchasing my first Stricker Lipo Smart Para in 2019 and it was exactly what I needed.  After logging over 5000 miles on my original purchase, John was the first person I contacted when looking to update with a new Stricker Lipo Smart Para in 2020.  He also worked with me on pairing the new Stricker with a Colours full suspension wheelchair.  I used the full suspension wheelchair and Stricker almost daily for the last year, until moving from the RV to a home.  Enter the Maddiline Crosswind-XE.  I thought long and hard about this purchase because it is a commitment!  I have had several other traditional handcycles over the last 18 years and often struggled to find something that was not only comfortable but could rip down a trail.  The Maddiline Crosswind-XE with the Bafang motor and rear suspension provides the comfort and power I need to ride long miles and tackle rough terrain.  This handcycle is so unbelievably comfortable and powerful!  John took an immense amount of his time to work with me through this purchase and I couldn’t be more grateful. 


One of the biggest in advantages in working with John and Annalisa through Rolling In Paradise is the level of product support they provide.  The fact that John actually owns a Maddiline and Stricker is enormously helpful when troubleshooting.  They are very responsive when questions arise and have sent me videos with step-by-step instructions.  As long-time members of the community of people with disabilities, they genuinely understand, especially when it comes to equipment and handcycles.  I am happy for the both of them and wish them nothing but success on their new journey with Rolling in Paradise.”  


- Martha

"I have gone about 660k so far this summer as with moving to a new house and my disease causing some issues I am working on a bit more yet before it gets cold here in Alberta Canada and everything is covered in snow.

I have enjoyed having my bike more than you know.  It has given me so much more freedom to get back into exercising and being in the outdoors with family   

As I ride a lot of the time with my Son who runs along beside me.   Sometimes both Sons are able to go out into the trails and do some great mountain biking for me and they train for their running and hiking.  

I feel so blessed that I was able to connect with you John and get your help as to what I needed for a Handcycle so I can keep my upper body strong.  As I need to keep upper body strength for getting around on a daily basis.  

I wish you and your Wife so much success now with your Company and I will pass your name onto the people here as everyone always asks about my bike. As you don’t see many Handcycles here that look like mine."


- Brenda

“I hate seeing this beautiful new bike inside too, but with a few inches of snow it’s a good time to make adjustments and clean it up! I have to thank John Squires Annalisa Squires and Rolling In Paradise for taking care of me and my order, as well as Kelly Brush Foundation again. Everything went wonderfully. When John and I first spoke, I had a lot of questions being a “rookie”. He was patient, knew most things and took time to figure out the questions he didn’t know. I mentioned my budget was tight, and he even had some cost saving ideas…even though I went over budget , but I consider it an investment in myself! I had also read tons of handcycling posts and got great advice from people like Joe as well. I was successful in sales for over a decade and saw posts from John and Annalisa, showing off some different equipment and I respected seeing them put in the work. I figured I would be lucky to get this bike by summer since it’s the 20’s and fast food isn’t even fast anymore. I didn’t believe John when he gave an estimated ship date, but he mentioned this model has been coming within about 2 weeks of that and he would give me updates. I said, send me an email once a month or so and I’m happy. He was much more involved than that, I knew when it was painted, parts we were waiting on, etc. The great thing is when I got those emails, it always seemed to be on a day when I was lacking motivation and that was the bump I needed for the day. John was right, it came when he said. There was one issue, the chain ring was a 36T instead of the 44T I felt would be a better fit for me. No worries, I emailed John and he handled it exactly how I would have in sales/or would expect it to be handled. The 44T arrived shortly after. This is even better, now I’m getting to try the 36 before I throw the 44 on. John, knowing my lack of knowledge, even mentioned if I have any problems to take it to my bike shop and he would reimburse me for any costs. This works perfect for me, Ive never even changed a chainring but want to start wrenching on this bike more, it can’t be that hard. During this, I even needed a part for my busted XLT and had a hard time ordering one…figured I’d ask John if he could order one, and that part came in a couple days. From beginning to end your service was great and I appreciate it. I’ll get some action shots when it warms! It’s going to be a slow start but strong finish by the end of summer ”

- Dave Shemes