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About Us

Our mission is personalized customer service, and we believe that customer relationships come first! We want to share our love of sports and physical activities with other adaptive users, family, and friends.

John sustained a spinal cord injury in a 1987 diving accident resulting in quadriplegia at the age of fifteen.  He was an athlete prior to his injury and has remained an athlete throughout his life.  John organized and participated in the handcycle division in 12+ marathons, founded NE Ohio’s first Quad Rugby team (Locomotion), and now focuses on adaptive equipment.  John has been very involved in the adaptive equipment industry for over 20 years.  John and Annalisa have been working together in the disabled community for 10+ years.


Annalisa enjoys cycling, CrossFit, and has been active in the disabled community since meeting John.  As the spouse of a spinal cord injury survivor, Annalisa has insight into the challenges and ups and downs of SCI.  With this she can bring a different perspective to the business.


Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to helping you find the right adaptive equipment for your needs.

Annalisa & John Squires
Annalisa and John Squires, Rolling in Paradise


Mike Henley

“Mike sustained a spinal cord injury in 1999 at the age of 18 as a passenger in a Jeep accident. A Recreational Therapist helped him to become involved in adapted sports, which was a major game changer! It helped reconnect with the old self who was always outside, active, into sports, and making friends. Sports were very much a part of life before injury, and they are very much a part of life after Mike’s injury.

mike henley.png
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