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Top End Force NRG

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, the Invacare Top End Force NRG Handcycle is the most competitive handcycle in the Invacare Top End Force Series, making it the choice for elite athletes. Designed with competition and great attention to detail in mind, the Force NRG Handcycle features a hybrid design of 7000 Series heat-treated aluminum and hand-crafted carbon fiber.

The completely redesigned Force NRG Handcycle frame is lightweight and designed for 20” rear wheels. A carbon fiber seat pan and backrest is designed to improve shoulder positioning and a lower center of gravity provide efficiency and power. 

NEW Power-Arc Fork features a single main beam and double wishbone for front wheel stability on the upper and lower chainstays. With the weldment weighing in at only three pounds in a standard configuration, the Power-Arc Fork is our lightest fork design yet. Every Force NRG Handcycle fork is subject to strict quality testing.

Elite cyclists will appreciate the drivetrain and gearing characteristics designed specifically for SRAM eTap Wireless Electronic Shifting and double chainring options. The design features hybrid ceramic bearings pressed into a CNC machined aluminum shell permanently bonded in the fork. To keep the bearings seated, a wavy washer is used to apply a small axial load.

Inspired by industry experts, the Force NRG Handcycle features hinged fork clamps that only require one screw in each clamp. This handcycle is travel-ready!


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