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NEW Top End Force 3

We are pleased to introduce to you the refreshed Top End Force-3 handcycle.


The new model features a bright simple red frame and fork color and includes 20” rear wheels allowing for more elbow clearance and easier travel.

The new design also includes larger tires made for gravel and unpaved terrain.


The streamlined single chainring with a larger 10 speed cassette drive train and ergonomic seat frame design updates plus V cranks as the standard allow for much easier transfers and allow for optimum performance and low maintenance.

The new design also includes a footrest design that enables easier adjustments. 


17-inch Wide frame, 15 inch seat with Disc Brake

The New Force-3 Transfer Height/Ground Clearance:

10" from ground with 2" cushion

5.5" Ground Clearance

The Top End Force-3 is shipped with all the standard features you will need and does require some minor assembly.  The assembly generally takes  less than 30 minutes and any additional options and accessories are shipped separately and will also require assembly.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 40 Pounds

  • Turning Radius: 18 feet for 360 degree circle, 12 feet with a 3-point turn

  • Transfer Height/Ground Clearance: 10" from ground with 2" cushion5.5" Ground Clearance

  • Frame Style: Wrap around ovalized lower frame, 7000 series aluminum

  • Fork: Removable with adjustable height of 22.5" to 24.5

  • Propulsion /Shifting: V-Cranks with 1x10 Speed Drivetrain

  • Cranks: 165mm x 14" Wide V-Cranks

  • Back: Angle adjustable straight back 35-70 degrees

  • Footrest: Dual adjustable length, 4-3/4" wide, includes straps

  • Hand Pedals: Ergonomic 3D Printed handpedals with power plates

  • Brake: Primary hand brake is a disc brake operated by a levermounted on the right handpedal.

  • Bike also has a locking parking rim caliper brake that is operated by a flip levermounted on the fork.

  • Wheelbase: 60" Axle to axle

  • Camber: 1 Degree

  • Wheels: 559 metal spoked wheels

  • Axles: Threaded

  • Tires/Tubes 26" (559) Front and 20" (406), Cruiser tires

  • Positioning Straps: Hook and loop seat restraint included

  • Cushions: Seat and back cushions included

  • Safety / Visibility: Flag and wheel reflectors included


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