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Stricker Crossbike

Are you hooked on speed and wind? One of our youngest family members - the Crossbike - trumps with an unbeatable engine power of 1500 watts or 2000 watts for boundless adventure and action. The Crossbike is an electric handbike in a class of its own for all freedom-lovers who fear no obstacles! Make your dream of limitless independence come true. With different speeds it guarantees a dynamic performance on forest & gravel roads, demanding trails, mountain tours and for every sporty off-road spectacle. Your needs count. That's why you will enjoy a high level of comfort and safety in everyday road traffic. The Crossbike is also characterised by the strength of its tyre. It is equipped with a scooter tyre that delivers high mileage. This makes it superior to any bicycle tyre, not least because of its excellent traction, which you can also feel when braking. In addition, we provide you with different colours, options and upgrades to make your Crossbike as unique as you are.

$6,400 plus shipping/import

Lipo Crossbike

Electric wheelchair bike, 48V wheel hubmotor 1500 W, 48V/13 Ah (624Wh) Li-Ionbattery with charger, front light, LED48V with integrated horn, rear light, display with speedometer and capacitometer, 2 brake calipers on the disc, brake left & right, 16" tyres (see below), ergonomic handlebars, kick stand, position clamps, throttle, reverse gear, cruise control, Range up to 40km, speed 6 - 30 km/h depending on country approval


Engine type

Transmission-free wheel hub motor

Wheel Size

16 inch


1500 Watts or 2000 Watts

Battery air transport

Not suitable as the battery has more than 300W

Battery recuperation


Charging time

6.5 h

Battery charger

48V 2A

Battery weight



Double disc brake (right/left), engine brake


6-30 km/h, in the German road traffic, electric handbikes are authorised for speeds of up to 15 km/h. Please note that for speeds over 6 km/h a TÜV test is required in Germany.


Standard: Lithium-Ion battery (48V / 13Ah / 624Wh)Optional: Lithium-Ion battery (48V / 17Ah / 816Wh)


13Ah battery: 40km (in flat terrain)
17Ah battery: 50km (in flat terrain)

Minimal transport size 

330cm circumference

Basic equipment

Rotary gas

Cruise control

Reverse gear

LED front light 48V with integrated horn

Lithium battery 13A with capacity indicator and USB port

Brake cut-off switch, engine brake and recuperation function

Control panel for controlling the system on the display

Battery operated tail light

Ergonomic handlebars

Battery charger


Position clamps

Extra wide mudguard that protects from dirt and water


Modern motor control with smooth regulation and dynamic acceleration, 5 speed levels, protection against overheating and undervoltage, non-removable key switch in ON position, IP67 protection class, hidden wires with water-proof plug-in system.

Max. Loading Weight


Transport weight

25kg incl. battery and on-road tyres. Approx. 20kg without battery.

Total weight

30kg (incl. battery, traction weights and kickstand)


16x3.0 - 4.5 

The tyres are scooter tyres. They are very durable and long-lasting for many many 1000 km.


High-resolution, high-contrast display that remains easily readable even in sunlight. Speedometer with speed display, visual power indication for energy consumption and recuperation, riding distance, riding time, maximum speed, total kilometers and average speed. USB port on display to charge e.g. smartphones while riding.

Standard Color


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