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BASE Pricing includes base model only with no upgrades. If you would like upgrades, download the order form, complete it and send it to and we will manually invoice you.​​​​​​


High performance and dynamic drive, that's what the Smart Dynamic drive system we developed is all about. 


Equipped with a torque sensor optimized for crank drive, the Smart Dynamic detects the muscle power provided at the crank and dynamically adds motor assistance. Via five adjustable levels, this assistance can be adapted according to one's own wishes and to suit the current route. 


The Smart Dynamic is also a real eye-catcher visually. The flat color display is modern, compact and features various information on the distance, speed and capacity. The display control is located on the handle above the thumb throttle, optionally on the left or right. 

The standard 8-speed shift is shifted via the SRAM grip shifter, which is located on the grip. Through the thumb throttle can be started quite comfortably even on inclines. 


Stricker Handbikes Smart Dynamic Para

PriceFrom $7,100.00
  •  |  330-807-7977

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