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Freedom and safety without borders - a single wheel that changes your world. With the Lomo 360 every trip becomes a walk in the park, because with the single wheel attachment for your wheelchair you move over rough and smooth. Stay on track and master uneven terrain as well. If bumpy roads, pavements, gravel paths, forest, meadows or snow become an obstacle, the Lomo 360 is the solution. Just like the other Stricker Handbikes and pulling aids, it is the perfect everyday and travel companion. In this way it significantly increases your mobility. It owes its uniqueness to its compact size, light weight and its extremely simple and quick adaptation.

Convert your rigid frame wheelchair into an all-terrain tricycle in no time at all: simply clamp it to the front frame of your wheelchair, turn the lever and let it roll. The two castors of the wheelchair are lifted while riding, which significantly improves off-road mobility without losing speed. The Lomo 360 is also ideal for wheelchairs with electrically powered rear wheels. Experience pure freedom of movement and a revolutionary riding experience!

Starting at $1,215.36

Stricker Handbikes Lomo 360

PriceFrom $1,252.00
  •  |  330-807-7977

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