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Lipo Lomo Pico


BASE Pricing includes base model only with no upgrades. If you would like upgrades, download the order form, complete it and send it to and we will manually invoice you. 

The Lipo Lomo Pico power assist device is a small companion with a big impact that doesn't lack power. With a choice of 8- or 12-inch front wheels, the puller grips uneven and loose surfaces like the boardwalk, dock, or gravel path.


The small turning circle combined with the reverse gear makes for easy maneuvering even in tight or crowded places like public transit.If the stem is sometimes in the way, for example when visiting a restaurant, the Lipo Lomo Pico can be separated from the frame by the center latch with a handle and put to the side. What particularly stands out is the compactness of the Lipo Lomo Pico.

Due to the small design and the retractable handles, it fits into a travel bag and can be easily transported. Thus, the Lipo Lomo Pico is especially suitable for traveling. With a battery capacity of 8.3Ah and 300 watts, up to two batteries for the handicap transport device can be taken on the plane or cruise ship.


Lamp 36V 
capacity indicator with speedometer 
8 "wheel with ceiling (200x50x110) or 
12" wheel with ceiling (62-203) 
Folding handlebar 
clamps rotary throttle 
reverse gear 
center latch with short frame (at 8 inches) 
latch with long frame (at 12 inches) mounting stand

Stricker Handbikes Lipo Lomo Pico

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