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Stricker Handbikes Lomo GX


Scooter attachments are taking North America by storm, and the latest offerings from Stricker are setting the bar high. Their innovation and quality are unmatched, making them a top choice for many riders.


BASE Pricing includes base model only with no upgrades. If you would like upgrades, download the order form, complete it and send it to and we will manually invoice you. 


The powerfull allrounder! The new Lomo GX is the innovative evolution of the popular Lipo Lomo range, setting new standards in mobility. This advanced power assist device offers two variants: a 14-inch variant with a powerful 1000 watt gearless motor for excellent all-round capabilities and a 16-inch variant with a 500 watt geared motor, ideal for extremely mountainous terrain.


The cockpit of the Lomo GX impresses with its minimalist, modern design and a multitude of innovative functions such as cruise control with hill descent assistant, automatic engine braking and traction assist. A special highlight is the revolutionary bidirectional throttle, which enables forward and reverse travel as well as stepless engine braking with simultaneous energy recovery.


The intelligent engine braking functions (cruise control, automatic brake, bidirectional throttle) not only recover energy but also significantly increase driving safety and comfort. In addition, brake wear is greatly reduced, which means that brake pads need to be replaced less frequently.


The proven Stricker frame system, which has been continuously improved over many years, forms the basis for the Lomo GX. The overall aesthetic is completed by free colored highlight kits applied to the brake cables and frame, which are also reflective.

The Lomo GX is equipped with a 13AH 624WH 48V battery as standard, which enables a range of up to 50 km. For users who require an even greater range, it is possible to replace this battery with an 840WH battery. For extreme ranges of up to 120 km, dual batteries can also be carried in parallel on the frame.


Other product features include an intuitive, multilingual color display and high traction thanks to wide tires with a durable tread pattern. Guided mudguards that effectively repel dirt and water. Powerful, quiet and mountain-capable motors with temperature monitoring.

Stricker Handbikes Lomo GX

PriceFrom $6,550.00
  •  |  330-807-7977

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