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The ZX-1 Power Add-On provides power assistance to active users of manual wheelchairs. It is commonly known that maintaining a strong upper body for a person in a wheelchair is vital to the patient’s ability to perform transfers and other movements for improved quality of life. The ZX-1 aids in preserving upper body strength, significantly reducing the effects of prolonged pushing of a manual wheelchair. The ZX-1 is ideal for navigating over difficult surfaces like carpeting, grass, and hills.


The ZX-1 is well suited for manual wheelchair users with a variety of disabilities including but not limited to: Spinal Cord Injuries, Amputees, stroke victims, MS, MD, etc.


The ZX-1 adjusts to the user’s manual chair eliminating the need for an ATP, PT or OT to change the seating configuration of the wheelchair.


  • Length

    24 in.


    17.5 in.



    Max Tire Pressure

    Indicated on Tire Sidewall

    Tire Diameter

    10 in.

    Maximum User Weight

    250 lbs.

    Ground Clearance (Frame/Transaxle)

    1.75 in./2 in.

    Battery Range w/ 250 lb. User

    5 Miles with Lead/ 9 Miles with Lithium

    Maximum Slope

    6 Degrees

    Highest Curb Clearance

    2 Inches (50mm)


    Lead: 12V 15Ah AGM Lithium: LiFePO4 12V 15Ah

    Battery Weight (Pair)

    17lbs. w/ Lead, 10lbs. w/ Lithium

    Weight (Without Batteries)


    Weight (With Batteries)

    82lbs. w/ Lead, 75lbs. w/ Lithium

    Freewheel Mode Equipped


    Electronic Speed Control Equipped


    Brake Type

    Electromechanical Park Brake

    Charger Type



    24V DC Brushed Gear Motors (2)

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