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SmartDrive power assist is proven to reduce pushing by 80% which allows manual wheelchair users to do more with their mobility. Since 2012, this motorized power assist solution has helped individuals to maintain their independence, keep up with their active lifestyles, and reduce the risks of repetitive strain injuries associated with wheelchair propulsion. SmartDrive, with the PushTracker E2 gesture-activated smartwatch and SwitchControl button option, is a revolutionary power assist device that works on virtually any manual wheelchair on the market.


  • Ergonomic Design

On demand power assist made easy with an ergonomic handle.

  • Maneuverability

SmartDrive’s patented OmniWheel provides optimal traction and maneuverability.

  • Lightweight

Lightest rear mounted power assist available for seamless integration.

SmartDrive MX2+

PriceFrom $6,626.00
  • Dimensions 

    Length: 15.3” (389 mm)

    Width: 5.7” (141 mm)

    Height: 9.5” (242 mm)

    Product weight 13.2 lb (6 kg) Drive Unit

    User weight 30 to 331 lb (14 to 150 kg)

    Driving range* Up to 12.3 mi (19.8 km)

    Motor power 250 W Brushless DC

    Maximum speed 5.5 mph (8.8 km/h)

    Operating temp -13°F to 122°F (-25°C to 50°C)

    Chair type compatibility Rigid, Folding, Tilt-In Space, One-Arm Drive and others

    Chair widths: 8”(no anti-tips) -22”

    Drive wheel diameter 22”, 24”, 25”, 26” (501, 540, 559, 590 mm)

    Warranty 2-Year Limited Warranty

    Bluetooth: LE FCC ID, IC ID, QOQBT113, 5123A-BGTBLE113

    *Performance measurements will vary based on user and chair characteristics,

    driving and battery conditions.

    The SmartDrive has been tested and conforms to all applicable requirements

    of ANSI/RESNA Standards for Wheelchairs - Volume 1 and Volume 2 and EN


    NOTE: A wheelchair’s specifications provided by its manufacturer may beslightly affected by the addition of the SmartDrive.

    Please refer to your owner’s manual for more detailed operation and care instructions.

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