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The AGILITY  Back System is recommended for individuals who need basic postural support and minimal trunk support, and is ideal for those who want to limit additional weight in their mobility systems.


Four Options: Foam Only, Foam Only and Lumbar, Foam with Air Insert or Foam with Air Insert and Lumbar


Sizes Offered:


The AGILITY Max Contour Back System provides a significant amount of posterior and lateral trunk support and control for optimal posture and stability. The AGILITY Max Contour Back System is recommended for clients who need postural support and deep, mid-thoracic trunk support.


This system features adjustable lateral air pads for better positioning and increased comfort. AGILITY Max Contour is the only deep back that features these independent adjustable lateral air pads.

ROHO® AGILITY® Max Contour Back System

    • 14W X 10H
    • 14W X 13H
    • 14W X 16H
    • 15W X 10H
    • 15W X 13H
    • 15W X 16H
    • 16W X 10H
    • 16H X 13H
    • 16W X 16H
    • 17W X 10H
    • 17W X 13H
    • 17W X 16H
    • 18W X 10H
    • 18W X 13H
    • 18W X 16H
    • 19W X 10H
    • 19W X 13H
    • 19W X 16H
    • 20W X 10H
    • 20W X 13H
    • 20W X 16H
  • Our innovative hardware. The cutting-edge, durable Zytel® composite hardware lets you say: “AGILITY Backs will not slip!” AGILITY gives you the peace of mind knowing that when your client’s replacement back is fitted properly to your client’s wheelchair, the back will stay in position. Your clients will have the confidence that no matter what their activity level, their AGILITY back will keep them secure now and in the future. And that is only part of how AGILITY Backs help you put the individuals needs first.

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