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Rethinking the ultra lightweight wheelchair from the ground up.


What weighs 4 kilograms (8.8 lbs)*? A newborn baby. A 7-week old Labrador puppy. The RGK Octane Sub4*. For more than 3 decades, RGK has been at the forefront of made-to-measure manual wheelchair innovation. The Octane Sub4 is the result of our obsessive focus on perfecting fit and materials. Transferring, propelling, lifting, and turning are all effortless with the Octane Sub4.


Engineered for Lightness

Only the best materials are used in the RGK Octane Sub4. Titanium is renowned for having all of the positives of aluminum with the additional bonus of natural, intrinsic shock absorption. The utmost best performance of the Octane Sub4 is ensured by only using components produced by market leaders, alongside a staggering 19 quality checks throughout the build, from initial measurements to final handover.

  • Sports bearing housing
  • Stem bolt complete with integrated washer
  • Low profile caster arm design
  • Low profile cross braces
  • Optimized axle and pin setup with titanium sleeves
  • Compact wheel locks with lightweight mounting system
  • Lightweight carbon fiber sideguards with fender and lightweight sideguard mounting system
  • Lightweight carbon fiber footplate
  • Titanium fasteners used throughout
  • Optimized single or dual tube frame design
  • Many non-certified wheelchair options available



The Many Benefits of Titanium

Alongside the smooth ride, beauty, and lightness of titanium, the Octane Sub4's frame material is out of this world.

Strong as steel but 45% lighter, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio out of all the known metals.

The Octane Sub4 is a breeze to push, wherever you go.

It’s built to be durable, so you have peace of mind knowing you can take it anywhere.

No Corrosion

Smooth Ride


Strength-to-Weight Ratio


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RGK Sub 4

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