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RGK Elite Series Sports Wheelchair


The RGK Elite Series has evolved from over 30 years of innovation, testing, and expertise. Designed entirely around your measurements and your style of play, the Elite gives you the ultimate responsive connection, ergonomic positioning, and speed that your best performance requires. It's the sports chair of choice for wheelchair basketball superstars such as Sophie Carrigill and Helen Freeman. Why would you choose anything less?

With the perfection of performance and responsiveness of the Elite X, you can bring out your best on the court. At its core, this transcendent chair has a unique, pioneering carbon fiber axle which makes it significantly stiffer and lighter.


The Elite CX features a carbon fiber seat that blends your body and chair to become one entity. This fusion allows for a super responsive connection that remains unparalleled. Bonded together, the wheelchair and player have maximized efficiency and optimized performance; control of the chair becomes pure instinct through direct propulsion.


Elite Series Key Features
Unparalleled in the basketball world, the RGK Elite's lightweight frame guarantees to deliver the performance your training has paved the way for. The near-endless options available for backrest and seating positioning allow for a setup that will work just for you, ensuring that you have the closest connection and maximum performance to allow you to focus entirely on the court rather than propulsion.


The utmost best performance of your wheelchair is ensured by only using elements produced by market leaders, alongside a staggering 19 quality checks throughout the build, from the initial measurements to the final delivery.


Optimized biomechanics for maximum power and efficiency
Seating position to suit your game
Perfect toe-in/out for minimum drag
Bones Reds high-precision caster bearings as standard to maximize energy
Low-ride caster forks for optimum performance
Tri-Frame aluminum chassis design

Elite X Key Features

  • Carbon fiber axle
  • Carbon fiber sideguards with made-to-measure CNC sidearms (upgrade option)
  • Ceramic bearings in rear wheels, casters, and frame (upgrade option)
  • Titanium fasteners
  • Titanium buckles
  • Minute design changes for maximum weight saving gains

Elite CX Key Features

  • Carbon fiber seating technology for improved agility and responsiveness
  • Low friction caster wheels with less dirt pick-up


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RGK Elite Series Sports Wheelchair

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