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CITY 14'', Manual Clamp & Lift, Standard Controls


Automatic, clamp and lift is available for all units upon request. 



Options are available, please download order form and send to for pricing and we will manually invoice you.



The power add-on for urban environments
Experience a new sense of freedom with PAWS! PAWS City may be ordered with either a 12” or 14” front wheel and is designed primarily for city travelling. Choose 12” for the smoother roads or 14” if you expect a few more bumps. With a 1m turning circle, it is great indoors as well. PAWS City likes hard ground and even surfaces but can also cope with uneven pavement and curbs.


Key Facts

  • Designed primarily for the city.
  • PAWS City may be ordered with either a 12” front wheel
  • Does not need any frame alteration or additional add-ons to your wheelchair
  • A standard 48V11.2Ah lithium-ion battery delivers 556 watts
  • PAWS has an IP54 waterproof rating and can withstand rain and moisture
  • The range of adjustment in the clamping system allows a wide range of folding and rigid frame chairs to be fitted.
  • Automatic clamping & lifting or Manual clamping &lifting
  • Normal handles or Tetra handles
  • Track assistance: self-centering tracking
  • A durable packing carton and inserts is provided to protect the PAWS from damage during transport.

Rehasense PAWS City 14

PriceFrom $8,000.00
  • Product name CITY 14''
    Clamp Manual
    Lift Manual
    Handles Standard
    Wheels size 14''
    Frame distance 295-540
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