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SportCrafters is revolutionizing the way competitive para-cyclists train with the OverDrive Handcycle Trainer. The lightweight, portable trainer does not require removing the footrests like stationary trainers, and thus allows for the most effective body position during training.


The OverDrive Handcycle Trainer, powered by ARC Technology, automatically adjusts in resistance as the rider changes speed – no manual adjustment necessary.  In higher speeds, the OverDrive Handcycle Trainer will ramp up the resistance (more than the Mag version) to realistically mimic road riding conditions.  This trainer is perfect for the active handcycle customer who wants to maintain fitness while riding indoors.

Easily adjusts to various footrest widths, and optional Rhythm accessory helps to offset any fore-aft motion.


Used by everyone from novices to advanced athletes, to the fastest handcyclists in the world (we made special trainers for the world land speed record holders)! 


For more stability. Ask us about the rhythm to pair with the hand cycle trainer. $111

SportCrafters OverDrive Handcycle Trainer

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