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This all-in-one travel commode chair, tub access slider system, and in-home mobility chair eliminates the need for multiple transfers onto toilets and into tubs in the dangerous bathroom environment. Requiring just one bedside transfer, this safe and convenient system is the smoothest rolling transfer system available on the market. It also packs conveniently into the included carrying case, making it ideal for travelers.


***PLEASE NOTE: The carrying bag pictured is no longer available. This unit will come split between two smaller bags that each measure 25″ tall by 18″ wide by 8.75″ deep (suitcase with pull-out handle and 4 swivel casters) ***



Frame and cushion size = 17”x17” (standard) 17” wide x 17” deep frame and cushion

Cushion / Commode Option = H3 (standard) 8” wide commode opening with 4” slot

Bridge Length = 13” bridge (standard) length locking


Common Accessories available to order – contact us directly for these add on items.

Drop Rail

Transfer Cushion 8x17

Shower legs for transfer cushion

Shower Transfer Cushion 12×17

Caster Carrying Case

Commode Pan & Commode Lowering Brackets

Frame 17x20

Feet suction cup/crutch tip combo

Adult 5.5” wide 4” slot

Curved Back

Back Adult

Solid Cushion

Pin Adult quick release seat cushion

Custom Cushion

Gel Custom Cushion


Chest Positioning Belt

Body Point Chest Belt & Body Point Hip Belt

Quick Release Knobs for Body Point Belts

Back Post Extenders

Cloth Backrest Assembly

Seat Depth Adapters

Nuprodx MC6000TX

    • Modular design with built-in adjustment features and made-in-the-USA.
    • Easy-to-change slide direction depending on bathroom configuration.
    • Standard 17”x17” seat size with optional 17”x20” and 20”x17” configurations.
    • Hand-wrapped Naugahyde cushions.
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum, brass, and stainless-steel components.
    • Patented connector bridge to slide over and into tub.
    • High quality Derlin wheels and self-aligning slider tracks for smooth transfer of seat into tub.
    • Cloth back for better portability and pair of included roller carrying cases.
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