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Supracor’s Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion is the next generation of the popular Stimulite Contoured Cushion maintaining all of its features with the new ability to be customized for the user’s changing physical and functional needs. The Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion provides excellent positioning and superior pressure management. The multi-layered honeycomb is shaped into a subtle contour and specially engineered with soft and firm areas. A rear dish provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability.


An adjustment cavity at the bottom of the cushion allows the user or caregiver to easily customize the cushion by selecting from multiple Stimulite honeycomb inserts that vary in softness. The softer insert allows for more immersion as compared to the firmer inserts. Removing the inserts all together provides additional relief to users with bony protuberances. In addition to adjusting the immersion, skin protection and positioning properties of the cushion, the bottom insert layer can also be used to address other positioning needs, such as pelvic obliquities.


Weighing just over 3 pounds, the Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion is available in width and depth sizes ranging from 14 to 22 inches. 

Supracor Stimulite Adjustable Contoured Cushion

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