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J2® Series Cushions

JAY Flow fluid® and a contoured base wheelchair cushion for outstanding skin protection and stability

The JAY® J2® pre-contoured foam wheelchair cushions feature a JAY Flow® fluid tripad with up to 3" of loading for superior skin protection and an easy to modify base with optional positioning components for optimal stability.


JAY Flow® Fluid Tripad
The J2 features the JAY Flow fluid tripad, which conforms to each individual's shape, adjusts to sitting positions, and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences to help protect the skin from breakdown. Its zero-maintenance design delivers superior results throughout the life of the cushion.


Three Cover Options
All J2 cushions are available with the choice of three cover options:

Stretch - allows for proper immersion and prevents the increase in pressure resulting from surface tension
AirExchange® - promotes airflow and dissipates heat and moisture to keep the surface and the client clean and dry
Moisture/Incontinence-Resistant (pictured) - helps with incontinence management by protecting the foam base from moisture build-up

JAY J2 Cushion

PriceFrom $361.50
  • NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS on cushions

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