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Batec’s safest and most powerful electric handbike to date optimise motor performance, provides maximum power at any speed and on all terrains and maintains high speeds even on steep inclines.


With an even more “biker” look and improvements in safety, the Batec Scrambler 2 is the perfect handbike for lovers of speed and off-road experiences.



If you are looking for intense sensations, the Batec Scrambler 2 handbike is the perfect option for you. Manufactured with the latest technology from Batec handbikes, with a 1440 W motor and a 748 Wh battery, the Batec Scrambler 2 handbike can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h and ride up hills without slowing down.

The main and most important updates of the Batec Scrambler 2 handbike are its innovative electronics, that optimise motor performance and provide maximum power at any speed and on all terrains.


The Batec Scrambler 2 handbike reinforces its level of safety thanks to the new Galfer floating brake disc and a new, more powerful double headlight. In addition, if you activate the anti-slip function, you will be able to accelerate without fear of the wheel skidding. And, at the same time, you will have extra hold to help you resume driving on climbs even more smoothly and safely. This improvement will be especially useful on unstable terrain, on steep slopes or in the rain.


A more authentic scrambler thanks to the new double headlight with a retro-inspired yellow lens and 2000 lumens of power and the battery with padded protective stickers in a matte black finish, made in the same material as the motorcycle tank protection stickers.


Batec Scrambler 2

PriceFrom $9,900.00
  • Material Aluminium
    Colour Graphite grey
    Engine High-power 300 RPM brushless motor with reverse gear.
    Maximum speed 30 km/h
    Screen All-in-one LCD screen All-in-one LCD screen
    Autonomy 57,5 km
    Battery 748 Wh
    Frame Aluminium adjustable in 4 direcciones directions to adapt to the user’s needs.
    • Black aluminium, adjustable in height. Available for quadriplegics and hemiplegics.
    • Folding system for easy transport.
    • Gas & Brake handlebar for quadriplegics: accelerate and brake by gently moving the handlebars.
    • Hemiplegic handlebars with Monolever brakes and optional right or left trigger throttle.
    • Avid BB7.
    • Mechanical Galfer 203 mm floating brake disc with anodised red accents
    • Aluminium brake levers.
    • Parking brake and signal cut-off sensor.
    • 19’’ wheel.
    • 19’’ black aluminium double-wall rim.
    • Ultra-grip tyre.
    • Removable right dropout to change inner tube and/or tyre easily.
    Standard equipement
    • Front light and dual LED rear lights.
    • USB port.
    • Horn.
    • Batec Asa to easily lift and carry your Batec handbike.
    • Batec Acopla support.
    • Removable QR weights for traction.
    • Small storage ba.
    • Stand frame for better suspension.
    • Battery charger.
    Weight 16,7 kg without battery or extra weight.
    Maximum user weight 110 kg
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