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Available in both para and tetra models.  Tetra model starts at $9650.



The BATEC HYBRID 2 handbike brings together the technology of the Batec Electric and Batec Manual handbikes in a single product to become the equivalent of an electrically assisted bicycle.


Perfect for exercising without sacrificing the comfort of your manual wheelchair. The power of its motor will give you the push you need whenever you require a bit of assistance.
Like the rest of our handbike range, the BATEC HiBRID 2 is also available in a version for quadriplegics.




If you like to exercise, the Batec Hibrid models are perfect for you. Manufactured with the latest Batec handbike technology, our hybrid models allow you to start uphill, assisting you without the need for a 1/4 turn of the pedals.


The main and most important updates of the Batec Hibrid models are their innovative electronics, that optimize motor performance. They also have a new trigger throttle and a new regulator. Both models also have a signal cut-off brake sensor.


The Batec Hybrid 2 handbike is available in a version for quadriplegics with the revolutionary Batec Magic Lever crank arm release system, which offers assisted starting and allows you to use the handbike in zero-effort mode. The Batec Shift Lever can be easily activated without taking your hands off the pedals, even by users with a severe injury.


One of the most remarkable features of the Batec Hybrid 2 model is the E mode to go into Electric or Manual mode without losing power to the lights or the horn and without the need to turn off the battery.


The new storage pouch allows you to carry tools, documents, smartphones or any other small object in a comfortable and accessible way.


The reduced turning angle of the Batec Hybrid models will allow you to wander and enjoy even the shortest of trips. It will become a perfect ally for exercising, either alone or with others, along forest tracks, greenways, inaccessible villages and bike lanes.

Batec Hybrid 2

PriceFrom $9,050.00
  • Material Aluminium
    Colour Graphite grey
    Engine A high-power 250 RPM brushless motor. Rated power: 900 W. Peak power: 1050 W.
    Maximum speed 25 km/h
    Screen All-in-one LCD screen
    Autonomy 40 km with the 280 Wh battery y 80 km with the 576 Wh battery.
    Battery 280 Wh and 576 Wh.
    Frame Aluminium adjustable in 4 direcciones directions to adapt to the user’s needs.
    • Aluminium cranks with new trigger throttle.
    • Batec Quad Grips for quariplegics which make it easier to manoeuvre and handle the handbike without having to take your hands off the pedals.
    • Avid BB7 mechanical brakes.
    • 203 mm rotor disc.
    • Adjustable Saccon brake levers
    • Power cut-off brake sensor
    • 20’’ wheel.
    • Ultra-adherent Maxxis tyre.
    • Black double wall aluminium rim.
    • Removable right dropout to change inner tube and/or tyre easily.
    Standard equipement
    • Front light
    • Dual LED rear lights.
    • USB port.
    • Horn.
    • Batec Asa to easily lift and carry your Batec handbike.
    • Batec Acopla support.
    • Small storage bag.
    • Removable QR weights
    • Battery charger.
    Weight 20,6 kg without battery or extra weight.
    Maximum user weight 110 kg.
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