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Age Range: 10+ | Inseam Range: 23” – 34” | Weight Limit: 225 lbs


Pre-teen and adult riders can experience the joy of riding with this semi-recumbent tricycle. The ASR2011 features a low step-through height of 15” which allows for easier transfers, as well as a low seat base for added stability. Thanks to its adjustability, this bike for life will provide riders with the fun and therapeutic benefits of riding a bike for many years to come.  


Features & Benefits

  • Highly adjustable forward and backward slide seating system and tilt angle to ensure the rider is properly positioned and allows for future growth.
  • The lower seat base is at a similar height to a standard wheelchair, making for easier transfers. 
  • Candy Blue or Hot Rod Purple standard color options and many other upgraded color options are available.
  • 20” smooth pneumatic “air-filled” tires – Great for indoor or outdoor riding.
  • Direct drive gearing with easy pedal power to encourage reciprocal motion of the legs. Upgrade to the On/Off Pin Reciprocator to allow for direct drive or freewheel drive systems.
  • Independently adjustable hoop handlebars with telescopic posts.
  • Locked or unlocked handlebar positioning to limit or control the rider’s ability to steer the bike.
  • The Knuckle Joint™ Steering system steers like a car and allows for greater turning control with limited side-to-side movement.
  • Supportive Adult High-Back seating system with multiple options to add lateral supports, harnesses or head supports.
  • Standard Mountain Pedals with Toe Cage with additional available upgraded footplate options.
  • Multiple options available for front and back brake positioning.
  • A lower center of gravity for increased stability.
  • Standard bike essentials including safety flag, wheel reflectors, bell and multi-tool.
  • Speed Dampener option is available to give the caregiver greater control over the maximum speed of the bike.
  • Option to add an electric assist. This motor can be enabled at any time, giving the rider a little extra help riding up hills or allowing for a period of rest during longer rides.
  • Multiple accessory options to further customize the bike to the rider’s needs.   


Contact us to review the order form for best fit.

Freedom Concepts ASR2011

  •  |  330-807-7977

  • CLICK HERE to download order form.

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