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NEW e-motion Push-rim activated power assist.

Simply replace your current wheelchair wheels with the e-motion wheels.  The e-motion has a powerful in-hub motor and li-ion batteries.


Drive wheel 

  • Available wheel sizes 22", 24", 25"

  • 330 lbs maximum user weight, maximum total system weight 418 lbs

  • Electronics and battery integrated in the wheel hub

  • 17.1 lbs per wheel (standard version 24")

  • Brushed stainless steel push rim

  • Increase wheelchair width by ¾” to 1 ½” – depending on model


ECS remote control (Ergonomic Control System) - optional

  • Switch the e-motion wheels on and off from a seated position

  • Buttons easy to operate, even with little force

  • Easy to read LCD display

  • Battery indicator in 20% increments

  • Learning mode for beginners

  • Rollback delay:  Delays the wheelchair from rolling back on slopes for up to 5 seconds to enable repositioning of the hands


Automatic battery-charger 

  • Magnetic connection between the charging cable and the wheels

  • Charges both e-motion wheels at the same time

  • Automatic adaptation to the mains voltage (100– 240 V)

  • Removable power cable

  • Electronic charging and switch-off mechanism

  • Charge status is indicated by the LEDs on the e-motion wheel and on the battery charger

  • Battery charging time approx. 6 h


Longer range* up to 15.5 miles on a single charge (Data comparing the e-motion M15 to the e-motion M25 from Alber Germany)

Roll Back Delay

Cruise Mode

Safe for Transport (In the cargo area of airplane IATA standards)

Assisted Braking


Technical data e-motion M25

Wheel size: 22”, 24” or 25‘‘

Speed: Assistance 0 - 3.7 mph or 5.3 mph in combination with Mobility Plus Package


Climbing and braking ability: The technical limits and specifications of the original wheelchair manufacturer must be observed.

Max. weight of the person: 330 lbs

Max. permitted total weight: 418 lbs (e-motion, wheelchair and wheelchair driver)

Batteries: 36.5 V, 2 x 4.3 Ah, lithium-ion, leakproof and maintenance free

Weight of individual parts

M25 Total weight: 34 lbs

Drive wheel (including battery): 17 lbs


Alber e-motion M25 (newest version)

PriceFrom $5,975.00
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