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Mako Full Suspension

The MAKO FULL SUSPENSION Off Road Recumbent handcycle is the ultimate, capable, rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle with suspension at all three wheels.   Traction and hill climbing with a rear wheel drive recumbent handcycle are second to none.  The Mako was developed for riders not able to or not interested in riding in the prone position (kneeling, face down) and for rider’s wanting more suspension control then the NUKE.

The MAKO front suspension provides improved ride quality and downhill speed control. The 24” front wheels provide fantastic ground clearance while allowing for tighter turning radius.  The 27.5×2.8″ rear tire provide superior traction and smooth ride.

Price starts at: $15,250.00 USD
…includes electric assist , standard wheels and standard drivetrain

…not including shipping, handling, or any applicable taxes.

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