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TOP END Li’l Excelerator Handcycle

Stable and maneuverable, this kid-sized handcycle is safe for even the first-time handcyclist. The 7-speed hub with reverse braking means your child’s hands never have to leave the handpedals. The Invacare Top End Li’l Excelerator Handcycle is an upright style handcycle that makes transferring in and out of it very easy. It is totally adjustable and able to fit children 42″ to 62.” while featuring a simple fore-aft (forwards/backwards) sliding seat, uncomplicated adjustable footrest system and a straightforward crank height adjustment. The Invacare Top End Li’l Excelerator Handcycle is also available with our optional horizontal handpedals which is preferred by younger children. Standard safety features include reflectors, full chain guard, footrest safety straps, safety flag, cushion and seat restraint. The Invacare Top End Li’l Excelerator Handcycle is totally adjustable and ready to go.


Invacare Top End Li'l Excelerator-2 Features

Aluminum frame and transport ready fork

Adjustable seat: forwards and backwards

Adjustable back height

Adjustable tension back upholstery

Adjustable crank height

Chain tension idler

Chain guard, reflectors and safety flag

Adjustable height/angle footrest system

Shimano® 3 speed hub with reversing drum brake

Locking parking brake

153 mm crankset with one chain ring

Ergonomic handpedals

20” Cruiser wheels and tires

Quick release axles

9° camber

Cushion and hook and loop seat restraint

Candy Apple Red paint

Weight capacity 175 lb.


Please download the order form and reach out to so we can personally help you build your Top End Li’l Excelerator Handcycle.



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