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The ENHANCER is an anatomically pre-shaped ROHO air cushion that helps direct your pelvis into the back well and guides your thighs into the leg channels. This gives you greater sitting stability, especially if you have issues with leg or thigh control. The multiple cell heights are contained within two independent inflation compartments (one for the ischial well and leg trough, the other for the lateral and medial thigh supports). This helps to keep your pelvis and legs in position, while still providing optimal skin and soft tissue protection. The ENHANCER also includes the option to offload your ITs.


Key benefits:

  • stabilizes and holds your pelvis centrally

  • provides control of greater trochanter and femur alignment

  • delivers skin and tissue protection

  • easy to set up



  • Lets you in

Our unique design lets you easily sink into the cushion, reducing both pressure and discomfort to your skin and soft tissues. When an individual spends the entire day seated, it can create a lot of pressure to deal with. A ROHO cushion allows your body to immerse without resistance into the air cells as it’s cradled in a protective environment that delivers comfort and distributes pressure.

  • Matches your shape

Water shapes perfectly to the body, so mimicking it means the ability of the cushion to match to your individual shape. ROHO cushions make this possible with flexible cells that can provide constant and even forces across all contact areas with the body, while ensuring you remain safe, stable, and in the right position.

  • Moves with you

No matter what you are doing, your ROHO cushion will adapt to your every position. The air cells follow your motions, giving you support and freedom of movement. ROHO cushions are designed to move with the body and constantly adapt to the changes that happen throughout each day and over time.


PriceFrom $417.00
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