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(NEW 48V MODEL)48V / 350W  MOTOR Lipo Smart Para is the newest version and a Rolling In Paradise EXCLUSIVE.


BASE Pricing includes base model only with no upgrades. If you would like upgrades, download the order form, complete it and send it to and we will manually invoice you.


Intelligent pedelec sensors turn your Lipo Smart Para handbike into an e-bike in no time at all. As soon as the sensor detects the crank movement, it passes the information on to the controller, and automatically switches on the electric motor. The only difference to a conventional hybrid bike is that you have to move the cranks, otherwise no action is taken. Besides, you can choose the speed of the assistance as required. In this particularly smart way electrification revolutionises mobility for paraplegics.




Basic equipment

Marathon tyre 20 x 1.75 
Teflon chain protection tube
Kick stand
LED lamp 36V
Bicycle computer 
Automatic catch
Position clamps
Special quadriplegic handles covered with artificial leather
Thumb switch throttle at the ergonomic handle for acceleration and second throttle grip at the middle handle

Stricker Handbikes Lipo Smart Para

PriceFrom $6,950.00
  •  |  330-807-7977

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