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The Hippocampe Pool access chair by Vipamat enables to simplify disabled people’s access to aquatic activities at swimming pool, without using their standard wheelchair and so without damaging it.


The Hippocampe amphibious wheelchair was conceived to be water resistant and can be used from the changing room, accompany the user under the shower and help them to access to bathing on becoming a water wheelchair.


With its camber, the Hippocampe Pool wheelchair is easy to handle. Its hydrophobic foam seat provides the optimum comfort to remain seated in wet areas. Its low seating enables to be steady with inclined plane, to proceed on the launching in the water.


Hippocampe Pool Wheelchair (frame, push bar, steerable front wheel, pair of wheels grey tires, parking brakes)

HIPPOCAMPE® Pool Wheelchair

PriceFrom $3,422.00
  • Water resistant: the frame of the pool pushchair Hippocampe is stainless. The hydrophobic seat does not sponge and dries quickly.

    Pool wheelchair wheels: the wheelchair’s grey tires do not mark the floor of the aquatic area.


    Three ways to access the pool: To access the pool with the wheelchair accessible swimming pool three solutions are possible:

    1. Go down by the access slope then get out the floating chair.
    2. Immobilize the pool pushchair Hippocampe with the brakes, transfer on the floor at the edge of the pool then descend into the pool.
    3. Or, accompanied by a third person, go down the small steps of the basin to access the water.

    Disinfection: The pool pushchair Hippocampe is designed to be rinsed and disinfected regularly.

    • Seat Length – feet 28.5”
    • Seat Depth 14.5”
    • Total Length 54”
    • Weight 25.3 lb. (Max User Weight 130 kg / 286 lb)
    • Back Seat Height 14.5”
    • Seat Height – ground 13.5”
    • Total Height 38”
    • Seat Width 15.5”
    • Interior width 19.5”
    • Total width 27”
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